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Buying property in Portugal is safer and easier than in many other countries. there are laws to protect the buyer and considerable tax advantages.

Portugal has the warmth of its people and its weather. And its not simply these factors which attract many people from around Europe and the world to buy a home there. Either to live permanently, a holiday home and of course property to rent out.

Portugal has some of the lowest property prices in Europe and its possible to buy a 2 bedroom cottage and some land for less than £10,000. Of course there are many Properties that also run into £millions with something for everyone in between. Here at www.property-around-portugal.co.uk, we hope to provide news, views and information to help you locate the right areas which suit you.To undertsand the culture, laws regarding purchase and things like land rates, water supply, electricity and so on.

!. Climate: Many people automatically think of the Algarve and indeed it is lovely. The weather is  mild in winter and hot in summer. but don’t be mislead the difference between the Algarve and say Porto in the north is not that great. Usually only a few degrees. It can however become cold and freez in the mountains in northern inland Portugal. But then it does that in Spain and Africa !

It is generally more expensive for property in the Algarve as this became popular since the 1960’s with British especially. But now more people are discovering the delights of other areas. Houses and land can be much less expensive ( always so inland wherever you go )  further north. But buying a house in Portugal is changing and recently more people going for the areas around Lisbon and the Silver Coast. Porto and inland.

Portugal is truly a beautiful country. If you like the coast it has  hundreds of miles of superb coastline and beaches . Inland there are beautiful countrside and lakes, Mountains and forrests. But bear in mind if you like the rural lifestyle that  is fine but going too remote can have its disadvantages. Airports for one. But if you really want to escaper many houses in Portugal have their own well water and land to grown food. The sunshine can provide power and well. Escape the rat race.

The further inland you go and the higher up the cheaper the property becomes. Closer to the coast and the cities the more expensive. Its entirely your choice. there is a dream home for everyone.

There is so much do do and see in Portugal, its hard to know where to start. So perhaps we should start at the north and work our way down. Portugal is of course a small country with a population of around 10million. Portugal is an easy and peacful place to live and the Portuguese are  a very friendly and genuine race. There are many races from around the world living in Porugal. The main countries from which people arive and live are from the Portuguese old colonies such as Brazil and Cape verde. But there are now increasing numbers of other /europeans living in the country. British people have been living in Portugal for many years and those numbers are increasing steadily  since the EU was formed. Also other people from France, Germany Romania are increasing in numbers as they discover the delights of living in sunny Portugal.

The country is one of the oldest independed countries in the world. And is the 3rd most peaceful country in the world ! Needless to say it is a socially advanced country. all helping to make Portugal a wonderful placein which to buy property and live. Historically Porugal like most countries has been invaded and controlled by other countries from the Moors to  northern europeans. But also holds the worlds oldest alliance with another country. Britain. which still holds today almost 800 years later.


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