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The property for sale has so many possibilities as a beautiful home as it is, an investment ( or both ) so much potential to decorate and  alter to your own requirements. Could easily be 7 bedrooms or more. A separate apartment on the new upper floor. Perhaps another house built in the grounds or holiday chalet.Or simply landscaped and a pool added. There is so much that can be done. Natural pools, trees, flowers, bee hives.

In a beautitful quiet location, but not far from the busy towns and holiday resorts.

Special sale ideas

All legal fees are included in the price.

We will reduce the price by 1000 euros per week until a certain price is reached,

That price will be kept a secret. until it is reached.

We aim to provide more information and detail about property for sale around Portugal, so you can save time, money and effort while searching for the home you want. 

Lots of information and top quality images about each property  surrounding areas. You can also ‘ meet ‘ local people, their towns and villages, restaurants and shops. We can introduce you to  local lawyers, construction companies and carpenters,. Provide  in depth information and those all important ‘ doe’s and dont's’ from those who know. Local knowledge is all important and finding where things are can take many months if you do not know where to look. We provide plenty of information to help make your choice of home and location as easy as possible.

From tax matters to importing your car. From starting a business to painting your walls, and from setting up a  solar system inexpensively to obtaing free hot water. Indeed we can assist with providing expertise and experts and where to obtain the best materials for less.

We are not an estate agent as how most people understand an estate agent.. We help people find homes and property they really want and save people  a great deal of time and expense . We are very professional and offer the finest service.

The business is operated by  A professional Portugeuse lawyer. 

A  Canadian/Portuguese business woman and a British photojourmnalist with technical knowledge and information about moving to Portugal . One of whom was on the BBC ‘ Escape to the Continent “ a few years ago. And has lived in Portugal, renovated and designed property and knows the best money saving ways to get things done properly and with the least cost.

And our service does not end after you buy the property. You can always telephone, email or drop in for a chat and advice  if needed. You are not obliged to take advantage of any other services from us when you buy a property.


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